Casio G-Shock GW6900-1 Solar Atomic


The perfect EDC watch is a topic often discussed by many enthusiasts, including those in our own forum. Inevitably, Casio's iconic G-Shock line is suggested, and for good reason. With over three decades of keeping the time on your wrist safe from the world, Casio have not only proven that they know how to make overbuilt, reliable timepieces as much as home in the military as on the runway, but also never stop innovating with the number of features they fit into a watch. The GW6900-1 bears the face of the DW6900, G-Shock's best selling case design, and operates with a solar-powered battery and multi-band atomic timekeeping, making for an accurate accessory that will never need to be adjusted or have its batteries replaced. You would be hard-pressed to find another watch under $100 that could possibly outlive you.


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I've got a GW7900B black out version. I love this thing. Just wish the alarm was a little louder. I would have gotten a Rangeman, but my teenage son really wanted to get me a watch and this was in the price range.
Just ordered my Rangeman, comes Friday! Very excited!
G-shock always is my first choice for the EDC watch ~ cheap, reliable, durable
Couple months ago I got a Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW9400-3CR !!!!
The Rangeman is gorgeous, grats on your pickup!
This is my everyday watch. I really like it and the solar power what else can I ask for. 2 thumbs up
We talked about this one in the forums, right, Mikey? For it's price, I really do like this watch.
Indeed we did! So much value in these GWs. :)
I have the GW-9100 and couldnt be happier. Solar power and atomic timekeeping -- I wish more things in life were this practical and easy.
Couldn't agree more.
I have a GD-100-1A. Useful, reasonably cheap, reliable and awesome.

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