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Spyderco Dog Tag Folder

Ed Jelley
Spyderco Dog Tag Folder

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The Dog Tag Folder by Spyderco is a unique knife based on Serge Panchenko’s popular custom design. It folds to the same size and shape of a military dog tag, making it capable of being worn around the neck on a chain (or right at home slipped into the coin pocket of your jeans.) The small, 1.23” sheepsfoot-style blade is crafted from S30V steel and features a chisel grind with a fully flattened side, allowing the blade to sit flush with the knife’s titanium handle. This not only prevents accidental cuts, but also allows the knife to maintain its slim profile. The Dog Tag Folder does not have a true locking method, but it is kept in the open and closed position by a specially designed ball bearing inside the knife. Finish it off with the all-black anodization, and you have a perfect discrete backup knife that is always ready and waiting.


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