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Ontario RAT II

Mikey Bautista

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For anyone starting to collect knives, the Ontario RAT II is one of the most value-packed tools you can buy (at just under $25). Its 3" AUS-8 steel blade and reversible pocket clip make it an ideal everyday carry. Tough, textured scales provide a comfortable grip, while ambidextrous thumb studs offer quick and easy deployment. Its blade shape, length, deployment, lock, and overall quality lend themselves to RAT's balance and poise. So much so that even when've moved onto more expensive knives, you may find the RAT II making its way back into your pocket.


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DevoD ·
Kershaw Cryo, Spyderco Tenacious and Ontario Rat 1 or 2. These are the "gateway" EDC knives before getting into Delicas, Mini Griptilians and the expensive world of exotic steels. But at the end of the day, they cut just as well.
Andrew Houser ·
Hands down, still one of my favorite knives after all my purchases. It feels great in hand, is one of my fastest deploying blades, sharpens easily, and has great build quality. Value for price, this one is pretty much hard to beat. Ontario got so, so many things just right with this knife, and it's bigger brother, in my book.
Dylan ·
A very under-rated knife... Thanks for showing it some love Mikey.
Mikey Bautista ·
My pleasure! Recommended it to a few people starting to think about their carries and diving into better knives for the first time. :)
localizer ·
This is without a doubt one of the best knives in terms of value for money! In fact this knife holds up well even against much higher priced knives. Taiwanese made knives are generally top notch.
Jem Holden ·
I absolutely love my RAT II! Easy to sharpen, holds the edge very well, and it's just the right size blade.
Eric F Maurer ·
Thanks for review! I bought one the strength of it and am very impressed. I have a K-Cryo which I also love, but it's a tad bigger for "dress pants" (or what goes for dress as an ecologist/professor...). Haven't tried the Tenacious yet, but have several Spyderco & S-Byrd knives. One thing, it's going to take some practice getting a smooth opening down (ok, knife collecting newb...)! I like that the size is such that I can use the clip or just drop in pocket. Thanks again!
Brad ·
Love my RAT 1 and 2 knives. They are always in the mix and clamouring for an EDC spot in my pocket. Truly awesome value and quality.
Efrain Suarez II ·
Cryo II. Never anything other than my KaBar while in. I like how the Cryo looks. Feels in the hand and cuts. It's my my first EDC. Looking at the exotics but damn! (sticker shock). I should just make my own
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