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ZebraLight SC52NW Flashlight

Mikey Bautista

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You can't talk about quality AA lights and not have the Zebralight SC52 series on the list, simply because of their incredible amount of features and output from a simple interface and a single cell. For starters, it's not only one of the most powerful AA lights with a max output of 280 lumens, but it's also one of the most discreet ones at its barely-there 0.01 lumen minimum. It's highly programmable, with each of its three main levels (high, medium, and low) able to be set at custom sub-levels. Its single, soft-touch electronic button provides an intelligent interface to all its modes, and its potted, heat sink-bonded circuitry ensures bombproof operation. Finally, there's an SC52 for everybody: the series comes in five choices of tint and beam type, so you can choose and personalize a light perfect for your needs.


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DevoD ·
I love mine. One of my buddies who is still stuck in the 20th century with Maglites couldn't believe how this little flashlight has more power than his Mag.
Hexagon ·
Awesome light. Only pet peeve with zebra lights is how quick they turn on in pocket
Bernard Capulong ·
do want. i love how zebralight pushes the envelope when it comes to fitting technology in their lights