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Orient Mako

Mikey Bautista

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A great dive watch under $150 teaches you many things. You appreciate how automatic movement removes your dependence on a battery, and how a well-maintained watch can keep on ticking for a lifetime. You benefit from the watch's more rugged construction with better quality materials than your garden-variety department store quartz. You learn to love lume, and enjoy taking the watch with you everywhere, land or sea, thanks to its underwater resistance. The Orient Mako teaches all these things and more, and with its classic design, no-nonsense face with day/date window, and stainless steel case and band, this is the perfect timepiece to get your feet wet with.


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Kyle Lars Gjolberg ·
This was the first nice ($100+) watch I bought, and it's still going strong several years later. It looks good and it keeps time well providing you wear it semi-frequently.
DevoD ·
I'm glad to see this watch get some mention. I've had one (pepsi Mako) for quite some time. It's a solid, non pretentious dive watch with a modest but respectable pedigree. The blue dial Makos are exceptional in their color and their accuracy is pretty consistent for an automatic. Some of the drawbacks are a very stiff bezel and weak lume but at the price point it's quite a steal. Orient is a very underrated brand and a well kept secret among watch enthusiasts.
Mikey Bautista ·
I was debating between this and the Monster for a VERY long time, and in the end I was just too enamored with the Monster lume. And yes, Orient is a sleeper of a brand.
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