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Copywriter (age 36)
Kentucky, USA
I work from home most of the time, but I do drive in a few days a month. This is typically what I carry on those in office days.

I left out my work laptop, a 13" Macbook Air. It fits snuggly in my satchel, though with it and the power supply in the bag things do get a little crowded. The Kindle tends to stay home when I have a packed day.

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Justin Nowak ·
Love the watch!!
Heather ·
Thanks Justin. More and more Doctor Who stuff sneaks into my EDC. I have a blue box problem.
Ski ·
I'd like to see it packed with everything, please. I have an 11 inch Cambridge satchel, same colour (great minds think alike) and I do pack an iPad into it. But I feel it could be better organized.
Don ·
I love the case for your phone. It is awesome.
Heather ·
Thanks Don! You can find a version for most phone models (Apple and Android) on Etsy.
Gus Castaneda ·
My wife would love that satchel bag. How do you like it so far? I just checked their website and they offer a lot of options.
Heather ·
It is a great bag. The quality and workmanship are wonderful. I will say it is more about style than function. Those front buckles are actual buckles, no magnetic snap shortcuts, and there aren't any built in organizational components. That worked for me since I like to pick out my own pouches and cases.