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f-stop Gear Mountain Series Backpack

Ed Jelley
f-stop Gear Mountain Series Backpack

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If you’ve been looking for a backpack to keep your gear safe and dry, consider the Ajna Moutain Series by f-stop gear. The Ajna is a low-profile pack with a 40L capacity that sports advanced fabrics, waterproof zippers, and heavy-duty hardware. What makes the Ajna unique is the proprietary internal camera unit (ICU) insert. It conveniently carries an SLR, several lenses, and multiple accessories. The camera insert is completely removable, resulting in a versatile pack can pull double duty for both camera equipment and EDC gear. The bag’s lightweight strap system consists of a chest strap and waist belt, which help to spread the load out relieving back strain. Just launched, the Mountain Series by f-stop is available in low-profile Matte Black, hi-vis Orange, a bright Malibu Blue, and a calming Aloe Green.


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T Shrapnel-Carruthers ·
So right that I bought one, and yet, never used it. What stopped me is that a) the bag is big, slightly over-size for IATA max (and looks it) and b) the practicality (OK when you have everything on your back but not when you only want camera gear); I ended up with my usual camera bag (a Domke F6) in a larger shoulder bag.
Nathan Barton ·
There whole site is down...
Bernard Capulong ·
Ah… the link was working this morning. Must be the good ol' EDC hug of death.