This Is Ground Mod Tablet 2 Mini

This Is Ground Mod Tablet 2 Mini

If you’ve been searching for a grab-and-go solution for your carry, look no further than the Mod Tablet 2 Mini by This is Ground. This everyday organizer is perfect for assembling your essentials and transporting them with class. The magnetic inserts are modular, resulting in a completely customizable carry that accommodates a tablet, phone, credit cards, cash, pens, and more. Internal zipper pockets, button loops for cord storage, and open pockets aide in organization. Constructed from the highest quality leather and wool, the Mod zips closed to safely contain everything inside. Check it out if you need a way to keep your gear close when stuffing your pockets simply isn’t an option.


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Sorry, it looks elegant and functional, but totally overpriced.
$335 or £215 here in the UK !

Crazy and unjustifiable money for most of us !