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Above the Fray Powerplay Cable Manager

presented by Above the Fray

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Above the Fray Powerplay Cable Manager

As if carrying a brick of a power adapter for your MacBook without somehow making a tangled mess in your bag wasn't inconvenient enough, using its built-in "wings" to wrap the cord can actually strain and fray the cable. The Powerplay from Above the Fray kills two birds with one stone by neatly coiling the cable beside the adapter. This reduces strain on the cable and makes it easily accessible, thanks to a simple notch in its cord reel. Made from full-grain veg-tanned leather in a variety of colorways, it's a stylish, robust, and comfortable way to protect and manage your adapter. Grab one that matches the rest of your bag's essentials at the link below.


This post is presented by Above the Fray.

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Dan Steeves ·
Using this product may reduce strain on the cable, but it leaves the most vulnerable part of the cable, where it meets the body of the adapter, open in a travel bag. When using the built in wings, the most vulnerable part of the cable is protected by the rest of the coiled cable. I like the looks of this product, but I wouldn't buy it for this reason.
Jerzee Imhof ·