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Bertucci A-2T Vintage Titanium Watch

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Bertucci A-2T Vintage Titanium Watch

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It’s no secret that we at Everyday Carry are huge fans of military style watches. This offering from Bertucci packs high-end features into a stylish and affordable watch. The A-2T boasts an analog quartz movement with 5-year battery life, sapphire crystal, and titanium construction. Featuring a matte black face and super luminous 12 and 24-hour markings, the A-2T is easy to read in both regular and military time. The case, crown, and screw-in caseback are all constructed from titanium, resulting in a heavy-duty, lightweight watch that’s built to last. Measuring in at 40mm, the A-2T by Bertucci is just the right size for everyday wear. Head over to Huckberry for the full list of features packed into this surprisingly capable timepiece.


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localizer ·
Excellent value for money! Especially if you can get new old stock for about $70.