Blue Collar Used and Abused EDC

Electrician (age 24)
Melbourne, Australia
The items that I've got on me during my work week as an electrician (without having my full tool bag on me). All of them used and abused each and every day. Swiss Card in the wallet as backup, LM, bitset, torch and spanner in the pouch, the rest scattered through my pockets. The Vic Electrician was only added today, so I'll see if it assists while stripping cables, otherwise it will be saved for occasions when something less threatening than the LM is required.

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PtoWn Paul ·
Love that wrench , have you tried the Knipex Cobras ? Little 5" pliers are the shit #knipexgang
Sean ·
Nah I haven't, mainly made the wrench due to it being able to ratchet, and the fact that it fits like a glove into one of the side of the leatherman pouch. I do need to go shopping for some knipex goodies though..
I echo everybody else's comments on the adjustable wrench, man. Brilliant. Well done sir.
marki3boy ·
The ratchet/adjustable wrench is one of my favourite things that I've seen on here. Brilliant stuff.
Oscar Stewart ·
The vic is actually a very useful knife for cable prep, the short blade works great. I lost mine somewhere, your post reminded me I need a new one!
Patrick Anderson ·
I'm liking that spanner/ratchet. Did you make it yourself?
Sean ·
Yep. Found myself also doing up M5 nyloc nuts so took the end off an 8mm spanner. Cut it out with a dremel, drilled and tapped m3 and added a couple of brass washers to hold it better.
Patrick Anderson ·
Cool. That a potential edc tool to sell if ever I saw one.
Sean ·
Thought about it, people would want all different sizes depending on their needs... maybe do a couple of them, one in metric one in imperoal