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Cebu, Philippines
My carry's finally at a place I'm happy with after making a lot of changes this year. Rotated in some old pieces like the wallet and added in some new ones like the Prometheus gear.

I take a LONG time to pick things to carry but the common themes for them are their inexpensive price, highly-regarded brands, and solid performance.

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Clean carry, nice!
Very nice, also carry that knife and flashlight. Love them both.
I was going to ask how you found the Epsilon EKO as a bottle opener as it appears the blade would be digging into your finger. However I had a quick look on the link and the quick video tutorial cleared that up, so all I've left to say is - nice neat carry.
Actually, one more thing. What is the mini carabiner you are using? It looks a little fragile!
It's just a generic carabiner I found in a department store. I saw it loooooong ago on this site -- on a fellow Filipino at that -- back when it was still a tumblelog. It's by no means load-bearing or anywhere near as secure as some heavier duty ones, and I do expect it to give out at any time, but years later it's still holding up and I really like how it looks. :)
Thanks for your reply. It's nice to have a piece that is almost sentimental and as long as it doing the job for you...