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8 Card-sized Tools That Fit Your Wallet

Bernard Capulong
8 Card-sized Tools That Fit Your Wallet

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“Phone, wallet, keys.” Chances are you go through the same mental checklist when heading out the door to make sure your essentials are right there with you. If you make it a point to be prepared and properly equipped, the checklist gets longer, and it gets easier to forget things.

Since your wallet is a staple item that’s easy to remember, why not use it to consolidate backup tools and other necessities in one easy-to-carry, hard-to-forget setup?

In this guide, you’ll discover tools and essentials with different designs and features to find something to fit your EDC — and your wallet. Visit our friends, the wallet enthusiasts at Carryology, to see the list in full at the link below.

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great thought. we are creatures of habit. carry things long enough and it becomes habitual. these things work when carried separate, why not experiment with all of your things combined. one example is when you carry a smartphone; you're pretty much carrying an electronic multitool. electronic payments, flashlight, google search, gps, the time, contacts, calculator... you know the deal. and while a wallet is truly a pocket inside a pocket, something that holds your money all day definitely has the credentials to hold your miniature pocket tools as well.