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Cargo Works 15" Laptop EDC Kit

Bernard Capulong
Cargo Works 15" Laptop EDC Kit

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As unwieldy as they are, larger laptops are becoming essential tools for more and more people. When you need to carry one along with your core EDC but not much else to warrant a full-on pack, there's the CargoWorks 15" MacBook Pro EDC Kit. It stores and protects a 15" laptop in its dedicated neoprene compartment. Thanks to its internal webbing and multiple pockets, there's a place for all your cables, gear, and small items. It's got a zip pocket on the bottom exterior of the bag for your power adapter and a 5x4 MOLLE matrix for attaching more gear if you need it. Made from 900D fabric and mil-spec hardware, it's built last through your many long commutes. Load it up and sling it over your shoulder with its removable strap for a truly organized mobile office.


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For about $20 more, Go with an Oakley Vertical Messenger bag. I have one, and honestly, it is the best bag I've ever owned. It holds my Surface Pro, my keys, my wallet, cell phone, various cords, my passport (I do alot of traveling if you haven't caught on), my block charger, my headphones and my mouse comfortably! The straps are tough, as is the bag. Everything, zippers and clamps, and hooks and all, is metal. The bag is a tough material too (nylon??)!

I also use the SI messenger bag, but that is discontinued and hard to find. Honestly one of my best purchases. Please EDC, feature this bag!!
Eric Friese ·
I recently purchased this bag and I'm pretty happy with it. There are a few issues that I think need to be addressed. First, they market this as an EDC for all iDevices. My iPad has a case and it won't fit in the pocket that shows an iPad. The case isn't very thick. It needs about about another half inch to close comfortably. I can force it to close, but that leads to my second issue: the plastic zipper. Making the zipper metal would extend the life of the bag. Right now I'm not sure if I'll get a year out of it. My last gripe, the strap is really basic. I have a Skooba bag that has a much better strap. I've been using the Skooba strap with the Cargo Works bag and it's working well. This bag has a lot of potential. With a few adjustments, it could be really nice.
Andrew Cohen ·
Nice. Definitely a lot sleeker than my big Timbuk2 bag. There really are quite a few times I wish i had something more streamlined than a big-ass messenger bag, and this looks like it would fit. And, as I have a kid going off to college next year, I am book marking this to show him later.
Bernard Capulong ·
Nice. I've been reading that fewer and fewer college students actually need huge backpacks because they're not lugging around textbooks anymore. Most coursework is being shifted online. When I was in college not too long ago you'd have your laptop out for some classes, not so much in others, but now I imagine it's shifted a lot since then. Even outside of school, with more freelancers and remote workers in general these days I think bags will change to accommodate their needs like this one.
Steve Dodds ·
Been using one of these as my work bag for a few months now. A very compact way to carry a 15 inch Macbook, iPad mini and all the chargers etc that go with my typical EDC. Feels very 'dense' when fully loaded since there's a lot of weight in a very compact bag. Shoulder strap with plastic hardware does not inspire confidence with so much money hanging off it, but so far has held up with no sign of failure. Zippers appear to be working fine. The Molle style webbing is more for show than anything, since adding on a molle pouch makes the whole thing too heavy to handle comfortably anyway. The lower 'accessory pocket swallows an incredible amount of small stuff and still zips shut easily. All in all, quite happy. It's a good bag to bring to meetings without lugging a full size messenger, so definitely serves a role. I just have to avoid the temptation to overload the thing beyond its intended role, which is easy to do.