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Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500

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Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500

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I have never owned a Steinhart, nor have I had the chance to check one out in person, but the general reputation of the brand is that they produce well made timepieces that are affordable. Based on what I am seeing with the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500, you can add a host of premium features to the mix of quality and affordability. Clocking in at just over $550 (based on exchange rates and no VAT), this is a classic diver that will not break the bankā€¦

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Rob Hamilton ·
Now with a much better movement - ETA 2892 Elabore - and with a number of other minor issues with the first version sorted. I've just bought one, and it's superb.
I too have this model. I wear it with a NATO band. I finally found a watch with all the features I wanted. I do wish it had actual numbers, bit then it wouldn't be a dive watch.
Sellers Hill ·
I think I'm the only one on this website who carries one of these.
Terry Steiner ·
My daily driver is a Steinhart Ocean One Blue (in Stainless Steel). I can attest to the quality of the brand. If I did not already have one I would be picking this up.