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The term "everyday carry" means different things to different people. To many on this site, it refers to all your essential items you pack with you on your person or in your bag on a daily basis. To many others, its meaning is more specifically related to firearms.

Since the relaunch of this site, we've aimed to spread the concept of everyday carry to a much broader audience. This meant shifting focus away from everyday carry in the firearm sense to content that's more accessible and relevant to an international community. As this site continues to evolve, we want to revisit this and gauge the community's interest in firearm related content.

That would include user submissions depicting firearms, short articles, advertisements, and sponsored content containing firearms appearing on the homepage in addition to the content we normally deliver now. 

We are aware that many of our readers lack interest in or have an aversion to this type of content, so it's important that you let us know what you would like to see.

Please help us by filling out the form below.

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It seems prevalent along this thread, that pro gun carries are not given consideration for staff picks, and I can't help but wonder, should complete firearms be linked for sale on Amazon, would that not be the case? It seems a little hokey to to omit a carry because it includes a hand gun, followed by an immediate direct marketing ploy to purchase the latest tacticool slinged nylon whatever to carry and conceal said firearm, for sale and fast delivery at Amazon...sumthin ain't stirring the koolaid...
Rick ·
EDC is about what a person carries, whether we agree, don't care, don't understand it or see the need, none of that matters. This site is suppose to be about what people carry. I see tons of "stuff" I would never carry with me, but it's not about me, it's about what those individuals carry. I really can't stand PC. If people are so sensitive they can't look at a picture of a gun... They should probably get rid of their T.V., computer and never go to movies or bookstores. I don't understand why someone would want to smoke, but I've seen some cool looking pipes on here. Anything and everything can be appreciated on some level. Guns are no different. I've not submitted my EDC because it would include my gun and I've noticed there hasn't been any firearms posted for quite sometime. And Mr. Williams, you're entitled to your opinion, as I am, and you are wrong in your definition of what is considered as EDC. Every day carry is about what people carry, not what you think they should carry. People need to toughen up and learn to be accepting of our differences. If a person chooses NOT to carry a gun, who am I to say that's right or wrong? This site needs to stay true to the idea of EDC. I want to see what people carry. If you don't do that, you might as well stage the pictures yourself. I truly believe people who claim to be so sensitive that a picture of a gun on this site somehow hurts their sensibilities, are making a political statement. There are many things I don't like or agree with, but pictures of those things don't make me curl up in a fetal position. And one last thing... Guns are a right granted to us by the 2A of the Constitution and by law we have a right to carry, and most importantly, a God given right to protect ourselves. We should be proud of those rights and at the same time, show respect for someone who chooses not to carry. Submitting an EDC that includes a gun is not "promoting" the idea, but simply showing their EDC. Nobody here seems to even suggest that everyone should own a gun. What we EDC is a personal choice. Let's not police those choices, but celebrate the freedom to make those choices. Whatever your choice may be...
Jed Edwards ·
I don't and can't legally carry a firearm, but I understand that and why people do. I'm glad the site is addressing the issue, but I think it should try very hard to avoid political statements or bias towards any one mindset; one of the things I love about this community is its diversity and the variety of needs and solutions. Permit firearms, since they are inextricably part of some people's carry, discuss the subject, but don't go overboard, especially on the advertising.
Chris M ·
It would seem that the people have spoken. I enjoy looking at other peoples submissions. I don't know if there are submissions that are being censored or not, but it seems like gun submissions are few and far between, even when looking at the newest posts.
William M. ·
As a responsibly armed American I love the idea of having firearm related content features on by far one of my favorite sites. My day has become incomplete without my EDC fix. I also am well aware of other users that are not lucky enough to have the freedoms that I have. I voted to have the content features because that was my immediate reaction. Although I would not be opposed to the content being posted to a separate link or even having to opt on it or sign up for that content. Either way I will continue to live this site. Keep up the good work gents.
Brian Leasure ·
I am not interested in information about guns. I own guns and I occasionally carry. I think the greatest thing about this site is the lack of guns and a focus on things I carry daily.
There are hundreds if not more sites that cover guns, I visit those if I need more info on guns.
David ·
Using that logic, do you think it is appropriate to allow submissions which include wristwatches?
Nivicus Martin ·
Damn these folks want guns! I think EDC should be something you actually use everyday but that how i was introduced to it and thats my opinion.
James ·
I haven't posted my EDC yet because I was unsure if I could include my firearm in it because you almost never see it posted here. Do I care to see more firearms and firearm related content here? I honestly don't care. I will feel more comfortable posting my EDC now though.
Garrick Zinecker ·
Guns should not be censored on this site. I would submit my EDC, but have not, due to the fact that I carry a firearm. If people don't like them, they don't have to look at submissions with firearms.

If there are that many people opposed to seeing firearms, perhaps including a filter on EDCs to filter out those with firearms would be in order. That way, those that are offended or feel threatened by looking at a firearms can choose to not see them at all on the curated page.
Nathan Harris ·
I used to visit the site quite frequently, but the lack of gun content upon relaunch struck me as pandering. The EDC crowd is already fairly niche and it makes no sense to try to appeal to a larger group by not presenting content that appeals to a significant number of people. I understand that there are people that genuinely don't care about guns, but I'd venture to say that some people don't care about yoyos (twelve year old me is pretty jealous of some of them), lip gloss, stethoscopes (as a nursing student, I actually like the stethoscope content), and combs (I freely admit that I don't care about combs, but I get it). Perhaps people can scroll down to the next one if they don't like the content of the EDC. The survey is a good idea and I hope that the results are make available to the community. After all, perhaps most of the people interested in seeing firearms in well thought out EDCs have moved on to other sources.
Scott Webb ·
I am interested in Firearms and especially some of the very best types to carry.
I like this website and check it often. I am also a gun owner and do at times include a pistol in my EDC, along with my pen, pocket knife, watch, wallet, & etc. I like to see how and what other people EDC, even if it includes a firearm.

One of the things I really like about this site is seeing where people are from and their occupation in relation to their EDC... Being a knife collector and somewhat familiar with knife laws I do find it interesting when people's posting show a knife violating their local knife laws. It is pretty neat though, seeing say a graphic design artist in some very cosmopolitan city carrying a high-end tool knife.

I think one's EDC gives a unique snapshot of he/she and if it includes a firearm or not so be it.

Lastly, I too don't want this website to get overly political, I do think prohibiting guns in posts would be a negative step in that direction. Nor do I want my fellow gun-owners to try to proselytize the Second Ammendment on everyone. Most importantly though, I hope that we can remain civil regardless of our views on the matter.
Rich Casey ·
I don't mind seeing the occasional firearm as part of an EDC description, but I believe this site's unique value lies in the amazingly useful items that contributors find. Just about everything I have in my EDC is now due to a review or a mention on this site.
Ian C Medina ·
I love shooting guns at the range every once in a while with my friends in law enforcement, and do appreciate good design. However, at the end of the day it is a weapon. If you genuinely need a weapon everyday and its not part of your job, I suggest moving.
Nathan Harris ·
It's not really about needing that weapon everyday; it's about needing that weapon someday and not having it. That day will probably not come, and most hope not, but you never know. Also, moving isn't necessarily an available or immediate option for a lot of people that still want to be proactive in their safety.
Rick Schell ·
Firearms should be included without question!!
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