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The term "everyday carry" means different things to different people. To many on this site, it refers to all your essential items you pack with you on your person or in your bag on a daily basis. To many others, its meaning is more specifically related to firearms.

Since the relaunch of this site, we've aimed to spread the concept of everyday carry to a much broader audience. This meant shifting focus away from everyday carry in the firearm sense to content that's more accessible and relevant to an international community. As this site continues to evolve, we want to revisit this and gauge the community's interest in firearm related content.

That would include user submissions depicting firearms, short articles, advertisements, and sponsored content containing firearms appearing on the homepage in addition to the content we normally deliver now. 

We are aware that many of our readers lack interest in or have an aversion to this type of content, so it's important that you let us know what you would like to see.

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David Boyd ·
no aversion to it at all, I love reading about others guns, but this site is already so cool with all the little pocket stuff. Adding in pistols, etc, would change that dynamic. Not saying it would be worse or better, just different.

Dave in Hudson, FL
Not opposed to it. I think this place is about us all sharing our tips, tricks, and gear with each other. Why leave out a thing that many of us carry on our person all the time?
Woody Priapism ·
It is a shame that most of the world has lost their firearm rights and are at the mercy of their government. Many millions of people have died as a result of corrupt governments that slaughtered their own people.There probably are many people throughout the rest of the world who might want a site that doesn't display guns as instruments of everyday carry. I would request that firearms be shown as an example to the rest of the world of the rights they have lost or given up. Thanks for reading.
Steve Capeless ·
What if the vocal minority objected to the display of knives as dangerous accouterments? Or cigarette lighters because of their association with smoking? I do hope the editors of this site are steadfast in keeping this an open forum. No one should be cowed into leaving out what he/she considers essential to his/her daily life.
Whosawhatsis ·
I find the posts including firearms uninteresting, but not otherwise objectionable.
David M ·
I envy people who can include firearms in their EDC.

No objections as long as the description is kept clinical and doesn't veer off into constitiutional rants.
Brian R ·
As long as it does not start a bunch of arguments and rants I'm fine with it.
Michael Mutant ·
I think it's best to be disarmed like Europeans. They can't be trusted. Soon they will be all Muzslums anyway. The Constitution is not as important as Sharia law.
Just kidding.
Marcel W Jeannin II ·
I find everyday carry extremely interesting and fun and I definitely like different pistols.
Not interested in posts about firearms and would would probably stop following this webpage if the posts about them became too frequent or political.
As I've posted such an EDC, the subject matter interests me. However, I don't want firearms to be a focal point of this website. There are enough firearm forums on the internet as it is. I just like seeing the odd post pop up that includes a carry gun. I don't want to be smacked in the face by a lot of firearmage. I'll go somewhere else on the net if I'm of the mind. This site is perfect as is in the firearm area.
craig b ·
Let people be educated on what is an essential aspect to EDC for millions of people around the world: civilians (where legal), law enforcement, or military. I love seeing people's carry guns and how they EDC. But these posts are never picked as staff favorites.
Firearms are important everyday carry to many visitors to the site. I think firearms have a place here along with flashlights, wallets, etc. This doesn't mean that the focus has to fixate on firearms, however, a variety of coverage, including firearms seems reasonable. Thank you.
Mark Rogers ·
I have always thought the definition of EDC was a collection of items, carried on a consistent basis, that help an individual be prepared for everyday situations as well as emergencies. This will undoubtedly include a firearm for a lot of people. I come to Everyday Carry to be informed, have items suggested, and see other people's carries. The absence of a particular EDC item seems to be odd. I like to think that the EDC community is a reasonable group of people. I don't personally carry a notebook or pen, so I don't read articles reviewing them or find them very interesting in general, but I also don't judge people who carry them. My hope is that people have this attitude if firearms are to be featured slight more here at Everyday Carry.
Even though I don't own any guns, I find it fascinating to see firearms within someone's EDC. There's also a purity to not censoring the posts. If that's what people carry then let their EDC flag fly high. No objections here. And thank you for asking.
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