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Amsler Knives Keychain Knife & Bottle Opener

Amsler Knives Keychain Knife & Bottle Opener

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Carrying a small, yet capable multi-tool can be a great way to round out your EDC. This tiny keychain knife by Amsler Knives adds some utility to your carry without taking up a ton of space. It's handmade in Pennsylvania, USA with the finest S35VN steel and heat treated for durability. Amsler Knives show their top-notch attention to detail in the ergonomic jimping for grip and the mirror-polished blade edge. Throw in a bottle opener, finger choil, and bit driver, and you've got a well-rounded tool perfect for small tasks. Each tool includes a custom kydex sheath to protect your hands for an effortless carry. You can pick one up at Amsler Knives' shop on Etsy at the link below.


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The Amsler knife/multitool is pretty clever. So much so in fact, that there are no more for sale...ever.
Oops… we sold 'em out, huh?
This is bad timing really.. They have been on the market and for sale for over two years and when this post was written I was down to the last two… I do appreciate the kind words though and have other designs that have similar functionality on the work bench.. They are in line though with many other projects..