My First Simple EDC

Andrew Kissam
Student (age 19)
Carrollton, Texas
This is what I carry everyday, both to college and my part time job as a sales floor associate at Target. My EDC took on sort of a black theme unintentionally, but I have to say I do kind of like it. Outside of school and work I will still typically carry all of these items on me unless I am working out. In that case I usually ditch the space pen and CRKT folding knife. Because I am relatively new to EDC I wanted to keep it simple, therefore I carry the small Gerber Dime and Streamlight Nano Light which can both be clipped to my keychain. To help keep the bulk down even further I went with the small and lightweight CRKT M16-01Z as my go-to knife and the compact Fisher Space Pen Bullet as my writing instrument. As I progress further into EDC and discover new gear I will likely add more things to my carry such as a full sized flashlight and multitool, and a tactical pen. However, I am very happy with my current EDC and it serves its purpose well for the time being.

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Andrew Curtis ·
I'll echo Ryan and Joe and add that, when it comes to EDC, simple is good. I like photos of lots of stuff, but lugging it around? No way. Your EDC is perfect.
Ryan Herlan ·
Nicely done. You have quality gear without the need to spend $$$ on useless junk. Congrats on batting 1000 for staff picks!
Andrew Kissam ·
Thanks for the comment!
Very clean and minimalist EDC. Looks like you took a good look at what you use and don't carry around a lot of extraneous stuff. I like it.
Andrew Kissam ·
Thanks Joe! Like I said in the description this is my first EDC so I wanted to keep it simple. This is also my first post so I can't believe I made it in the staff picks.