Prometheus EKO Emergency Key Opener

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Most keys simply open doors. The Prometheus EKO, however, is not like most keys: it’s a titanium multitool born out of necessity for a “gentleman’s box opener,” cleverly designed to ride incognito on your keyring. The “key” portion of the EKO relies on thoughtful blade geometry to break through packaging tape. Its rounded tanto point pierces tape, while its hollow ground edge cuts it clean (both the tip and edge of the key are unsharpened and safe to the touch, of course). For opening everything else, the head of the key features cutouts for a bottle opener and a 1/4” tool bit. Despite its tiny size, the EKO capably fills a big niche for many EDC setups. It’s your blade’s savior from gunky tape residue. It’s a tool that minimalists would carry, and a quality piece of gear that goes where other edged tools can’t. There’s a week left on the EKO’s Kickstarter campaign, so you’ll have to act fast to unlock your keyring’s potential.

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