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When you take some design cues from iconic military instruments in watch history, reimagine them with premium materials like titanium and sapphire, and package it all up at an affordable price, it’s a recipe for success. Redux proved it once before with their original COURG titanium hybrid automatic watch Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Not one to rest on their laurels, their next mission was to get back to the drawing board and deliver even more timepieces to help you navigate your everyday adventures. This time around, they’re back with an impressive, all-new line-up of four watches designed from the ground up, inspired by iconic military instruments, and built with the materials and components fit for any discerning EDCer or watch enthusiast’s wrist. With such varied designs, functionality, shapes, and sizes, Redux has you covered on your next mission with a watch from this new collection.

Similar to Redux’s original COURG (short for “courage“) each of the four watches in this campaign represent important character traits—both for whatever mission you’re tackling and for life itself. The COURAGE, HONOR, VALOR, and SCOUT names not only represent their respective virtues, but also tie in to the military history the watches themselves are based on. The COURG, HONNR, VALOR,  and SCOUT 5-letter codes are aviation waypoints used by pilots to chart their flights around the world.

But beyond their names and military equipment inspiration, each of the watches share common mechanical traits that unify the collection. The use of titanium for each model’s case, premium scratch-resistant sapphire glass, Super-LumiNova BGW9 lume, Japanese automatic movements, and nylon G-10 NATO straps only scratch the surface of each timepiece’s value, and offer a compelling combination of features especially for the price of early pledges. Add to that additional choices for titanium grade, DLC coating, and multiple strap options, and you can build an ideal everyday watch fit for any of your daily missions.

The first of the new models is the HONNR, a 37mm pilot watch with a distinct square case, based on the A13A and A-9 navigation instruments for U.S. aircraft. Its Miyota 9015 movement is encased into a titanium shell topped with flat sapphire glass, with a 4 o’clock date window and 120-click triple function bezel with a lumed ceramic insert. Not content with informing the skies, the HONNR is also rated for 20 ATM /200M water resistance.

Making a big comeback is the COURG.42, re-enlisting as a bold 42mm pilot’s watch in three dial variants, while still maintaining the clean dial of the original. You can opt for the classic “flieger” Type-A, the WWII fighter pilot A-11 design, or the GCT, inspired by WWII USAF bomber navigators and their answer to the German Type-B design. The larger case of the COURG.42 allows all the details of each variant’s dial to shine, while powered by by the same reliable Miyota 9015 movement with date complication.

The clean 38mm VALOR model comes in two variants, each with its own history. The Type-E specification was produced by the Elgin National Watch Company in Illinois and issued to soldiers in WW1, with a unique—if not the first—black dial appropriately named “Black Star.” It was designed with legibility in mind during a time when trying to pull out a pocket watch could spell trouble, and further set itself apart thanks to ornate hands and star markers. The second variant is from the British Royal Air Force, where a new spec called 6B/346 Mk.11 was used for “astro-navigation“ purposes. Each of the VALOR variants also come with the Miyota 9015 and the rest of the Redux manufacturing spec.

Last but not least is the SCOUT, the most unique design among the four new campaign models. It features a modular, two-case/dial system, each of them 28mm with three modules to choose from, and takes inspiration from the iconic Seiko Fieldmaster “Contra” watch. You have a choice to slot in an automatic Seiko NH05 module (with an excellent 50-hour power reserve), a digital Casio 3284 readout, as well as a Grade AA liquid-filled compass with a lumed dial and a 60-click uni-directional bezel. It’s a bold design that’s for the select few willing to try something completely different from their everyday timepiece.

No matter which model you pick, Redux’s new collection offers a wealth of features for both enthusiasts and collectors alike, and there’s still plenty of time to pledge for an early bird price that can take up to 50% off each model’s final price. Pledge slots for these 50% off Early Bird prices are going very fast now that the campaign has hit over 30 times its goal, so be sure to check it out at the link below to save your slot.

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