Release Roundup: Nitecore's New Monster Flashlights

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From capable flashlights of every size to power banks and even a whole collection of bags, Nitecore has been covering EDC bases since the start. But the years have hardly slowed them down, and they continue to release essentials worth a space in your carry. In this roundup, we cover the latest and greatest from Nitecore, including some of their most powerful flashlights yet. If you need a lot of light in a hurry (as well as a means to keep it going), read on to learn more.


Sure, at first glance, it’s easy to see that the Nitecore MH40S is a bit too big for pocket carry. At 10 inches long, the MH40S has a body that’s more suited for carrying in a backpack, but that length gives you a colossal 10,000mAh capacity from two 21700 rechargeable batteries, which you can charge via the MH40S’s USB-C charging port using the included QC3.0 adapter under three hours. And that kind of power is required to pull the massive 1500-lumen max brightness out of the Lumingen G9 LED module at the front. You can throw that beam to an impressive 4920 feet, making this the perfect light for emergency search and rescue or nighttime hiking applications. If you need to set it up as a mobile or remote illumination platform, it even comes with a wireless pressure switch for operating from a distance. The Nitecore MH40S is a specialized EDC light that lets you quickly pierce through the darkness to find what you need.

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The P35i is Nitecore’s first crack at an LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) flashlight, taking the intended use case of the MH40S and kicks it up a notch with a massively-improved 3000 max lumen peak brightness. And at 5413 feet of throw, you can illuminate targets in the field over a mile away from you. The P35i accomplishes this dual feat using 6 Cree XP-G3 floodlight LEDs arrayed around a Class 1 LEP lens. This lens uses a laser as its light source and passes it through a series of layers and special lenses, culminating in a super-focused beam that can throw over a mile with the power of 678,000 candela behind it. The technology allows a LEP’s beam to go further than almost every other flashlight ever made. It also features a USB-C rechargeable battery and an OLED display panel on the side of the body, giving you detailed battery level and mode indicators to manage its versatile capabilities and a dual switch system. A versatile flashlight also calls for versatile power sources, and the P35i can handily run on 2 x (R)CR123As as an alternative to its included 5000mAh 21700 cell, with USB-C charging available right on the light.

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The Nitecore TM20K is, for its massive light output, a reasonably sized light that can fit in the grip of your hand. Despite its smaller size compared to some of the other high-output lights on this list, the Nitecore TM20K stays true to its “Tiny Monster” category, putting out a gigantic 20,000 lumens peak brightness when you need it thanks to an array of 19 Cree XP-L2 LEDs powered by a built-in 9600mAh li-ion battery. With a rear mode and power button, the TM20K is designed for tactical applications, letting you flood an entire area with bright illumination for easy identification of targets. It also has momentary-on activation for quick snapshot use. With its deep carry pocket clip and magnetic holster, you can fit this into your everyday carry gear loadout with some planning. And with its IP68 waterproof rating, you can take it on all your adventures, whether near or far.

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With the NC10000, Nitecore took everything they knew about battery technology and flashlights to build you a 10,000mAh external battery with a backup flashlight function that’s useful in a pinch. Unlike some “survival” battery packs on the market that come with a tiny LED module billed as a flashlight, the NC10000 has a dual LED module design that gives you a 50-lumen output for a max runtime of 30 hours off the integrated battery. And, of course, the battery itself works well for that intended use, with USB-C charging compatibility with QC and PD capabilities. Another standout feature that sets this power bank apart is that it’s rated IPX5 water resistant, meaning you can take it outdoors without having to worry about the elements getting in the way.

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If you’re looking for a slimmer Nitecore battery power pack with a touch of class to match your curated EDC, look at the NB10000. This 10,000mAh battery pack comes with a gorgeous carbon fiber case that looks great in hand. Carbon fiber is also highly resistant to puncture, abrasion, and impact damage. And like the preceding model, the NB10000 is IPX5 water resistant for fearless carry outside even with a chance of rain. You can charge two devices simultaneously with QC charging compatibility with dual USB-A and USB-C powers. It’s a handsome yet entirely practical EDC USB rechargeable power bank that you can take anywhere.

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