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Whether you like letting your ideas flow on old fashioned pen and paper or getting your work done with the processing power of a modern tablet and stylus, the Ti-POST RAW from BIGiDESIGN is designed to handle it all. In this review, I put this titanium machined pen (graciously provided by BIGiDESIGN) to the test.

We gave BIGiDESIGN a nod of approval in our Best EDC Pens buying guide a while back for their Aluminum Pen + Stylus. The Ti-POST RAW in this review boasts many of the same features but comes upgraded in titanium and attempts to address some of the balance issues found in earlier versions of the pen.  

There’s a lot of great things to be found in the pen upon first glance. I immediately appreciated its solid TA2 titanium body, its beautiful machining, and flawless fit and finish. The pen’s overall aesthetic relies mostly on its pristine machining and much-desired titanium materials, as the rest of its features are fairly sterile and understated. The only branding on the pen appears as an almost indistinct periodic table “Ti” etched into its deep pocket clip. On the other end of the pen are its sturdy titanium threads for twist cap posting and its optional conductive stylus tip. While these external features are great, much of the Post Raw’s appeal comes from within. It can accommodate almost any refill you can throw at it (35+ refills!) to really configure the pen to your personal needs and preferences.

Untwisting the cap via its surprisingly smooth, grit-free titanium threads unveils the business end of the pen, which comes pre-loaded with a Uni Signo 207 refill right out of the box. The surrounding grip area is markedly narrower than the rest of the body, with only three minimal “rings” etched into the barrel to serve as a grip. Initially, I was concerned that this “grip” wouldn’t suffice, especially given how smooth and how heavy the body can be. Fortunately, I discovered just how well-balanced the pen really is, which comes as a surprise considering its noticeable overall length when posted. By letting the pen rest most of its heft between the base of my thumb and index finger, I needed much less of a grip on the writing end of the barrel and was able to let the pen do most of the work. Writing becomes easy and comfortable, even with just the included refill. If your refill of choice is supported and you figure out how to balance the pen, you’re in for a smooth writing experience. I didn’t test the pen’s writing performance without the cap posted because in practice, it would be easier to lose the cap that way, but a cursory run indicates it balances similarly. Its stylus end works and feels sturdy, without much of that hollow balloon feeling when gliding across a tablet surface I find in other styluses. If a stylus isn’t a necessary part of your EDC, it can be easily unscrewed and replaced with a flat endcap to cut down on its length a bit.

At just over 5.3” including the stylus when capped, the Post Raw takes up as much pocket space as the average click pen, if not a tiny bit more. It isn’t the most compact pen, but it still carries great thanks to its deep, sturdy titanium pocket clip. Furthermore, each pen comes packaged with a high quality felt pen sleeve if you’d rather pocket it loose, throw it in a bag, or just want extra scratch protection from the rest of your gear. It seems like these guys get the big idea behind everyday carry given all the thought they put into the pen’s carry options.

Reviewer Score: 4.0 of 5


  • Pleasant heft and balance facilitate smooth writing
  • Clean titanium construction
  • Very deep pocket clip
  • Versatile refill compatibility


  • Loose, threaded cap not ideal for EDC — makes quick jotting inconvenient
  • When cap is posted, pen is slightly long, slightly long overall
  • “Grip” portion of barrel could be more aggressive

For the casual writer whose ideas come frequently and without notice, the Ti-POST RAW might be too slow to get set up in time to jot them down. Its postable twist cap, heft and balance, and refill compatibility seem to encourage longer writing sessions and cater best to pen enthusiasts. With that said, the pen has many strengths that warrant a spot in an EDC, and could, with time, convert the quick jotter into a more serious writer. It’s something to be used and envied at the office, but designed well enough to be carried along to wherever inspiration strikes.

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