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H.L. Human Pelican Clip Review & Giveaway

Many new keychain gadgets try to revolutionize the way keys are carried or cram as many other tools into a keychain as possible. The Pelican Clip from H.L. Human takes the old-school approach of hanging keys from a belt loop — that’s it! Read more to find out if the Pelican Clip fits the bill and for a chance to win one for your everyday carry courtesy of Jeffrey Bruckwicki from H.L. Human.

The H.L. Human Pelican Clip is not a 13-size wrench, nor is it a bottle opener, a measuring tool, bit driver, or anything like that. It was designed with a simple, specific purpose: to hold your keys on your belt loop. It does this the old-fashioned way via an included .825” split ring that connects your keys to a slim, minimal, but respectably sturdy stainless steel clip.

The Pelican Clip unsurprisingly looks like a pelican, with the main opening of the hook craned like the bird’s head and neck, with the smaller, narrow opening towards the bottom resembling its bill and pouch. The narrow clearance, curvature, and bumps formed at the opening of the hook act as retention mechanisms, while the upper opening gives some flexibility to the clip and adds length to allow for a backpocket tuck. The fit and finish isn’t breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s decent enough. The waterjet cut edges have slight roughness to them, but they allow a belt loop to pass without snagging nonetheless. However, I thought the edges would be more comfortable if they had more of a chamfer to them. 

Clipping keys to a belt loop as intended with the Pelican Clip is a two-handed task. This might be inconvenient to those used to something like a carabiner, but the tradeoff of a two-handed operation is a result of good retention from H.L. Human’s design. The narrow clearance compresses the belt loop as it passes through, ensuring the clip won’t slip back off the loop once it’s in place. There’s enough resistance when adding the clip that it feels very deliberate, providing a sort of feedback that lets you know your keys are not going anywhere. For additional security, you can tuck the clip into your backpocket too. Removing the clip feels no different than hooking it on, and similarly requires two hands to do. Overall, it isn’t the most convenient, but I felt confident leaving my keys on my belt loop with the Pelican Clip despite it lacking any dedicated locking mechanism.

While the Pelican Clip’s design lends itself best to external carry, the clip actually works fine as a suspension clip for those who prefer to front pocket carry their keys. One caveat is that longer keys, flashlights, or other gadgets might not suspend as well, given the extra length in the upper opening of the clip that allows for backpocket tucking.

Reviewer Score: ★★★☆☆


  • Strong retention for a non-locking clip
  • Very sturdy solid steel construction
  • Can be used as suspension clip


  • Could use deeper chamfer for more comfortable handling
  • Inconveniently requires two hands to operate, usually
  • Single purpose tool amidst multitool alternatives

There isn’t too much to be said about the Pelican Clip — it’s a single purpose gadget that does its job decently, but offers little else. For the minimalists who appreciate simple design or  those looking for a durable key clip they can use and abuse, the affordably priced Pelican Clip would be a solid choice. Grab one for your everyday carry at the H.L. Human shop, or enter to win one of two Pelican Clips using our giveaway widget below.

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