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If you’re looking to add a notebook to your EDC, but not able to justify the pocket real estate for even some of the smallest notebooks, you’re in luck. That’s because Rite in the Rain just released a new ultra-small business card-sized pocket notebook featuring their hallmark waterproof paper, durable stapled construction, and perforated pages for quick note-taking convenience. With these in hand, you can integrate a notebook into your everyday carry anywhere a business card would fit, and it works well as a backup notebook if you tend to forget your stationery at home.

Rite in the Rain’s On-The-Go notebooks are the same as their community-favorite traditional stapled notebooks, but occupy a much smaller 3.3“ x 2“ footprint that makes them about as big as a standard business card. That small size lets these notebooks fit in a credit card slot or business card holder, so you can bring it along when its impractical to bring a bigger notepad along for the ride. While its small size and 24-page capacity mean you won’t be able to use the On-the-Go notebook for a long treatise or journaling work, it’s perfect for short-term note-taking, and the top perforations make removing pages easy without compromising the integrity of the binding. And of course, because it uses Rite in the Rain’s special water resistant paper, it (and the notes you write on it) will stand up to the elements much better than if you had used regular paper to write everything down instead.

Day in and day out the new Rite in the Rain On-the-Go notebooks will serve you well whether you use them as your primary note-taking tool or as convenient backups. With its small size you can always have it on you, and you can carry it in more elegant ways than in your pockets like with a standard pocket notebook. And the best part is that you get six of these notebooks in one pack, so you get to avail of a few different colors including yellow, black, and a high-visibility orange for your EDC. Click the link below and pick up some of these notebooks for yourself today.

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