RovyVon GL7 18650 Flashlight

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By now you’ve probably already heard of RovyVon and their line of compact EDC keychain suitable LED flashlights that offer immense value for money when you consider their raw power and useful features. And now in 2021 they’ve added a new full-size tactical flashlight into the mix, with the GL7 offering a super-bright output, convenient ergonomics, and a build quality that’s well-suited for emergency and mission-critical situations. And even if you don’t take your everyday carry torch out into the field on a regular basis, you’ll appreciate the step up in power and runtime that this light offers for EDC.

At the heart of the RovyVon GL7 is a high-capacity USB-C rechargeable and replaceable 18650 lithium-ion battery that powers a Luminus SST-40 LED module. This combination boosts output up to 2,000 lumens out the front with a cool white color balance that makes this an ideal light for rapid identification of targets in the distance. And with its smooth, CNC-machined beam reflector, the GL7 can throw that light out to a distance of about 918 feet.

For added ease of use, the GL7 features a side switch metal button and a tail cap. The side switch allows you to switch between Low, Medium, High, and Turbo, as well as SOS and strobe functions for daily use. The tail switch offers access to Turbo as well as momentary on and off tactical functionality when you need it. When the going gets tough, you’ll appreciate the durable aluminum body construction that’s rated IPX8 waterproof and able to survive a two meter drop. RovyVon even says their light is shockproof enough to endure being used as a weaponlight for duty use, too. And in keeping with the practical and tactical theme, the GL7 also comes with a clip and grip ring to match missions as needed.

With the GL7, RovyVon brings together solid EDC essentials in a package that’s a good option for anyone looking for a powerful light that can roll with the punches. And the best part is that this winning formula can be had for an immensely accessible price compared to its peers on the market. So make sure to click the link below to find out more and pick one up for your own carry.

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