Save 20% on Iconic Leatherman Heritage Series Multi-tools

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When it comes to multi-tools, Leatherman is one of the leading brands covering EDCers’ bases for the past 35 years. To celebrate their 35th anniversary, they’re offering a special 20% off discount on 5 of their best-sellers as the Heritage Series. There’s a tool for any kind of EDCer in this collection of iconic designs. If you’ve been waiting for a great opportunity to start carrying a multi-tool or you’re finishing up your holiday shopping, there’s no better time to pick up a Leatherman than now.

The Heritage Series consists of an iconic lineup of their best-selling tools, including the Wave®+, Charge®+, Super Tool® 300, Rebar®, and keychain-sized Micra® to cover any EDCers’ bases, no matter how big or small they carry.

Wave+: Designed as an all-round toolbox replacement, the newly updated Wave+ gets the job done. It features 18 total tools, including upgraded 154CM steel replaceable wire cutters.

Charge+: Built for the outdoorsy EDCer, the Charge+ makes for a solid trail companion with a robust set of 19 total tools, including the upgraded replaceable wire cutters.

Super Tool 300: For bigger tasks that call for bigger tools, the Super Tool 300 boasts a larger 4.5″ form factor and locking tools. The bigger handles and fully locking tools give a better grip and more control during hard use.

Rebar: The Rebar is a nod to the past, drawing inspiration from older Leatherman designs. It also features locking tools and sports a built-in ruler to help you measure twice and cut once.

Micra: Rounding out the collection is the Micra, a tool fit for your keychain and ready at a moment’s notice. Don’t let its small size fool you–it’s packed with its own set of unique, useful tools, like tweezers and powerful spring-action scissors to make quick and precise cuts.

To help make these built-to-last tools last even longer, they each come with a newly designed Heritage leather sheath. These rugged leather sheaths are built in the USA using premium leather that’ll look better with age and wear. A branded brass snap closure makes securing and retrieving the tool quick and easy, while a leather belt loop on the back of the sheath keeps your tool handy at your side. The new sheaths come in different sizes to accommodate a much wider range of Leatherman’s lineup of multi-tools too. To top it all off, Leatherman offers a 25-year guarantee on their tools for that extra peace of mind. You can join thousands of other EDCers who swear by Leatherman while saving yourself some money too, thanks to this rare 20% discount. Check out the collection from Leatherman’s site at the link below.

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