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Whether you’re commuting to an important meeting downtown or you’re gearing up for a critical mission in the field where every second counts, you’ll want a dependable watch in your everyday carry. And when it comes to quality timepieces that can stand up to the rigors of daily life, look no further than the latest from S&B Watches. Their new-and-improved Ambush 2.0 and Battlefield analog-digital hybrids have deep tactical influences inside and out, resulting in EDC-friendly features and the looks to match with the rest of your tactical gear.

S&B Watches completely revamped one of their most popular timepieces from 2014—the Ambush—with modern upgrades and quality of life improvements in the new Ambush 2.0. Based on an all-new Japanese Quartz movement, the updated Ambush 2.0 features a hybrid analog-digital face that has legibility and ease of use at the forefront. The dial features bold Roman legends in a military-style stencil typeface and luminous hands that make it easy to read the watch at a glance. The high contrast OLED digital display at the six o’clock position fits in well with the overall aesthetics of the watch and it allows for stopwatch, dual time, and alarm functions, all actuated by the buttons on the crown. But unlike the standard digital watch you might find off the shelf, the Ambush 2.0 features a pedometer and a full compass that even lets you program declination for navigation purposes. If you take a closer look at the crown of the watch, you’ll also notice that there isn’t a traditional twist-style knob to set the time. Instead, you use the push button mechanism to set the time. In addition to the standard metal bracelet, the Ambush 2.0 also includes a NATO strap for added versatility and customization. With its 48mm metal case that’s water resistant down to 30 meters, you can take this watch pretty much anywhere you go, and the battery inside will keep on ticking for a full three years before you have to replace it.

If you’re looking for a watch you can take to a battlefield (quite literally in fact), the Battlefield watch is a great choice because it features a durable poly-carbon case and improved 50 meter water resistance that can stand up to the outdoor elements better than most. While the Battlefield is also a hybrid analog-digital watch, the digital elements dominate the design language of this timepiece, with multiple independent information windows that allow you to keep track of the time, the calendar, the stopwatch, and more at a glance.  The precision Japanese quartz movement will keep accurate time even in the worst of conditions, and the PU resin strap is comfortable to wear even in active situations. In keeping with the battlefield theme, S&B watches donates one of these timepieces to active duty or veteran police, fire, and EMT first responders for each purchase of this watch. Given the current state of affairs, it’s another compelling reason to pick this timepiece over others.

S&B Watches bring a lot to the table when it comes to everyday carry watches, and the Ambush 2.0 and Battlefield are both worth a look. As an Everyday Carry reader, you can save 10% off your purchase on S&B Watches’ store for a limited time with promo code EDC10 at checkout.

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