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Making a quick fix can sometimes be as simple as tightening up a screw, but who really wants to lug around a screwdriver with them everywhere? The Screwpop MINI +|- is a compact bit driver for your keychain that’ll get the job done in a pinch without taking up any pocket space. Other keychain screwdriver designs are so compact they’re rendered unusable. The MINI +|-’s intentionally larger head not only doubles as a bottle opener, but more importantly provides much needed grip and torque for turning screws. When you’re out and about, you won’t have to worry about the 1/4” flat/Phillips bit accidentally popping out either. Strong neodymium magnets secure it in place, allowing you to swap in any standard 1” tip you’ll need most in your EDC. For a space-efficient solution for turning screws and lifting caps, hit up Screwpop’s Kickstarter campaign below.

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