Skilhunt E2A Hi-CRI 14500 Flashlight

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The best EDC flashlight is the one that’s convenient enough to be carried around wherever you go. Sized right, a quality EDC light is easy to integrate into even the most crowded of pockets. Take the Skilhunt E2A for example, a super-compact flashlight with impressive light output for its size, with a high CRI emitter for performing specialized tasks in the dark to boot. It’s a versatile and feature-packed addition to your flashlight lineup, at a fraction of the size and cost.

The secret to the E2A’s high output is its use of a Luminus SST20 LED module powered by a single 3.7V 14500 lithium-ion battery, while also working with standard AA alkaline and Ni-MH batteries like Eneloops. This combination of voltage and emitter puts out a bright 600-lumen 95+ CRI beam which won’t shift your color perception when you’re inspecting things in the dark. It makes it especially suited for looking for items you’ve misplaced or for doing electric work with wires and other components with specific color coding for safety. And with a daylight 4000K color balance paired with a TIR optic lens, the E2A can help creative people add soft, even light to photos and videos in a pinch without having to lug around dedicated traditional photography lights.

The single rear tail switch offers easy operation, and you can choose from three brightness levels, with the lowest providing you approximately 48 hours of runtime. The body of the light is made out of lightweight aluminum alloy, and without the battery it weighs just 25 grams in total. It’s also IPX8 certified to resist dust and water ingress. And at 3.3″ long with the ability to attach to your keys with the lanyard clip, it’s a tool you’ll always have available wherever you go.

With its rich featureset and compatibility, strong build quality, and convenient portability, the Skilhunt E2A is a strong contender for anyone looking to pick up or upgrade their ultra-compact LED flashlight for everyday carry. Check it out at the link below.

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