SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

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A high-performance, high-density, synthetic weave sounds like the perfect material for a wallet, one of your most-used everyday items. If it can withstand crash tests designed for motorcycle wear, then holding up to regular cash and card retrieval should ensure a long life of performance. SlimFold’s MICRO Soft Shell wallet is based on an integrated card slot design made popular by the original Tyvek wallet, but instead uses this technically superior material. The MICRO can hold up to 12 cards, with a sizable 8.125” main compartment that can hold most currencies without folding. At 0.5mm thick, the material hardly takes up any room while still maintaining exceptional resilience from water and stains, and can even be machine washed. This is as thin as it gets, so check out the MICRO at the link below to add this tiny tech marvel to your EDC.


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