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Having a full-sized multi-tool in your EDC is great, but carrying one can be a different story — especially if you’re in a more urban environment. Besides taking up much-needed pocket space, traditional multi-tools can draw unwanted attention too. Meanwhile smaller tools all too often sacrifice much of their versatility to take on tougher tasks. Fortunately, SOG’s new Baton Q3 strikes a nice balance between functionality and size while staying true to what’s most useful in a full-sized multi-tool.

Just by looking at the Baton Q3 it’s obvious that it isn’t your average multi-tool. Its sleek design looks less like something from your toolbox and more like something you’d keep on your desk. It might be hard to tell judging from its modern, marker-like form factor, but the Baton Q3 is packing 13 tools in its matte aluminum body. When closed this tool measures 5.8” in length yet carries comfortably in your pocket or bag thanks to how smooth and slim it is.

The Q3’s minimal look and feel makes it perfect for when you want to cover your bases while remaining discreet in the office or around town. Opening it reveals a pair of sturdy pliers along with access to all the tools inside including a wire cutter, screwdriver, and can opener to name a few. Like the smaller Q2, the Baton Q3 also comes with a 2.5” 5Cr15MoV blade for when the task at hand doesn’t demand a dedicated knife.

When you consider the number of practical tools in this thin form factor, it’s hard not to appreciate the new SOG Baton Q3. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a capable multi-tool that’s easier to carry and won’t raise eyebrows.

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