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Spyderco releases several knives per year in lots of different shapes, sizes and styles. Only recently have they produced knives with a “flipper” opening mechanism. While Spyderco’s larger flipper knives are still EDC-friendly, none of them are as well-suited to daily carry as the Dice. Premium materials, an integrated liner lock, carbon fiber scales, and most notably, a convenient flipper blade opening mechanism are just a few of the features seen in the Dice. I’ve been carrying the Dice exclusively for two months now, read on to see how this EDC friendly blade held up.

The Specs

Length (overall, open): 6.57”

Length (closed): 4.05”

Blade Length: 2.52”

Blade Steel: CTS XHP

Handle Material: Carbon Fiber G10 Laminate / Titanium

Weight: 3.7oz

Design, Fit & Finish

The build quality on the Dice is great. Manufactured in Spyderco’s highly-regarded Taichung factory, all of the tolerances and finishing on the Dice are top-notch.

The Dice has great lines, and looks great both in hand opened, and closed up on my desk. The contours are comfortable in hand and aren’t just there simply for aesthetics. The knife is definitely somewhere in the middle of classy and tactical, but in my opinion never comes off as threatening.

The 2.53”, leaf-shaped blade on the Dice is very well suited for daily tasks. It’s not too big or intimidating to open up at the office to get into a package or help with cutting open an avocado or orange (admittedly my most common uses). There is absolutely zero blade play in any given direction and the blade centering is right where it should be.

The index finger choil results in great ergonomics and a unique look. The side of the knife with the Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L) is bare brushed titanium and the other is a carbon fiber laminated G10 scale over a thinner titanium plate.

The design, fit, and finish of the Dice are all as expected for a higher-end offering from Spyderco.

Operation & Performance

Using the Dice is a pleasure. My last EDC blade before the Spyderco was a combo-edge Benchmade Mini Griptilian. What I loved about the Benchmade was the Axis-Lock system due to the fact that it made one-handed operation a breeze. The same can be said about the Spyderco. 

The Dice can be opened with the “flipper” mechanism by pushing down on the extension of the blade. The Dice is not spring assisted in any way, the blade swings out into place using leverage and some clever engineering. If you’re trying to maintain a lower profile, the patented Round Hole opener is present and easily used. The ease of opening and two means of doing so result in an extremely versatile EDC blade.

The leaf-shaped, 2.52” blade is great for everyday carry. It’s not too big and not too small. A 3” blade is common ground in the world of EDC knives, but the 2.52” blade does not feel as short as it measures. 

Razor sharp out of the box, the Dice makes quick work of any cutting task. The leaf shaped curve makes for a capable cutting edge and the CTS XHP steel has great edge retention. I haven’t noticed any significant dulling in the two months I have been using it. The point is great for opening up packages and the underside of the blade handles slicing tasks with ease.

The Dice feels right at home in my hand. The index finger choil contributes to the overall excellent ergonomics of the knife. Thumb grip is great thanks to the jimping on top of the blade. The index choil is also jimped for improved grip. 

A small detail that is much appreciated is the textured steel plate that is integrated into the flexible section of the integrated lock. This provides extra grip while using the knife as well as a non-slip section to help with closing it up.

Easy to open, easy to close, and well-contoured to fit the hand, the Dice excels in operation and performance.

Carry Options

Spyderco definitely had versatility in mind when designing the Dice. The knife can be carried in four configurations – tip up or down on either the left of right side. This accommodates both righties and lefties as well as preference for tip up or tip down.

The black metal pocket clip is sturdily held in place by three Torx screws and the tension is very strong – keeping the knife where you clip it with ease.

My one gripe is the depth at which the Dice rides in pocket. I wish the clip was suited better for deep pocket carry. There are some other replacement clips available, but it is a shame because I enjoy the aesthetics of the included clip.

The lanyard hole is lined with steel, as most premium knives are. I haven’t used the lanyard hole, but it may be a good alternative to the high-riding pocket clip.

At just under .5” thick and 3.6 oz., the Dice is easily carried without weighing you down.

Pros & Cons


  • Build quality is top notch
  • 2 opening options for great utility
  • Sharp blade right out of box
  • Looks and carries great


  • Wish there was a deeper pocket clip included
  • On the expensive side at $160-$200 street price


Spyderco set out to design an ideal EDC knife, and in my opinion, they did. Over the course of testing out the knife, I’m very happy with it.

The construction on the knife is excellent and it handles well. Aesthetically, the knife is right up my alley – minimal with a bit of flair and plenty of attention to detail.

The blade shape is well suited for everything I’ve thrown at it, and it has maintained its sharp edge quite well.

If you’re looking for a high quality everyday carry knife, definitely consider the Dice.

BUY ($180)

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