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In many ways, the Spyderco Dragonfly 2 is a perfect EDC knife. It’s compact and surprisingly capable with endless variations of style and steel since its inception. But compared to its larger brothers, one key feature was missing: the ability to deploy instantly in a single motion right out of the pocket. This year, however, the Dragonfly 2 evolves into its fastest form yet with the addition of the Emerson Wave feature. Like its namesake, the Dragonfly 2 Wave darts into action with a quick swipe, cementing its place as one of the most versatile compact knives you can carry.

If you’ve never handled a Dragonfly 2 before, it’s easy to jump to conclusions with its appearance. With a tiny closed length of 3.33“, the Dragonfly 2 appears at first glance to be more a keychain knife than one suited as a main EDC blade. That is, until you deploy it and actually grip it hand, which is when it reveals its true secret. Through a combination of exact lengths, cleverly placed angles, and the blade geometry itself lending to the ergonomics, the Dragonfly actually allows a full-length grip with your entire hand, allowing control and leverage that belies its size.

Most of the Dragonfly 2’s specs are in pursuit of its compact and pocketable design. The VG-10 blade sits at 2.28“, playing to both balance in hand as well as legalities across regions. The drop point shape featured in many Spyderco models allows plenty of cutting versatility, and deployment (for the base Dragonfly model) is handled with the trademark round hole. The new Emerson Wave feature is an integral hook that catches the top of your pocket to automatically open the knife as it’s drawn, making it a sensible addition to a quick, compact knife like the Dragonfly. Also new to this model is a saber grind compared to the full flat grind used in other models, allowing the blade to accommodate the extra steel required by the hook.

The blade folds into lightweight FRN handles, with a lockback securing it when in use as well as reducing weight that a liner lock would have added. With a minuscule overall weight of 1.3 ounces, the Dragonfly 2 all but disappears in your pocket, ready to spring into action thanks to the Wave feature. A reversible wire clip completes the lightweight ensemble, while also allowing ambidextrous EDC.

The Dragonfly 2 is a Spyderco compact classic, and with the Emerson Wave feature, spreads its wings to reach its full high-speed potential. Pick up this zippy blade from Amazon at the link below.

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