Staff Picks: The Best EDC Pocket Dumps for the Week of July 1st

Tiny tools, a ton of tech, color-matched carries, and more in this week’s featured pocket dumps.

submission from @Niko

About This Everyday Carry

Phone case with leather back is just nice and magsafe is always useful feature, Airpods it’s now a days just one of those must-have things, good ANC with amazing sound quality and easy connections are of I wanted those. Mostly i don’t carry wallet anymore, because all needed cards are in the phone but sometimes you just need to have ID-card or credit, then I like to carry those most slim way as possible, that’s why Trove-wallet. Orbitkey slimcase with airtag is secure way to carry keys with possibility find them. Also SAK Classic SD is just classic that need to be in pocket. Wanna try something new and different, but same time similar with SAK’s, James Brand Ellis with knife and scissors are close with SAK Compact. Using it now a month, it’s good and I really don’t need anything more than knife opening packets, scissors cutting strings and flathead to screws and opening bottles. in addition, Mighty Mini Buffalo plaid should be carried in the back pocket as a pocket cloth, which has proven to be surprisingly practical for cleaning the phone, eyeglasses and sunglasses, etc. Slimmed down and usefull set of essentials to carry and use daily.

submission from @Jorge


About This Everyday Carry

Mixing classic and modernity, keeping illuminated and connected.

submission from @wildernessnocking

About This Everyday Carry

Most of my carry has been developed around a previous line of work as a Private Security Contractor for the government and have been developed to fit my needs in daily life now. I have 3 stages of carry. On my body, in my bag, and in my vehicle. This is the on body necessities for me.

Cutting / repair tool, stop a bleed, comms, something to write with and mark things, a light to see and can be used in defense if needed, wallet to carry cash and identify myself.

I am outdoors on my free time more than I am in a building either shooting archery, hunting, fishing, or other activities so this is able to get me by on a daily basis.


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