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The best camera is the one you have on you, and that usually means your smartphone. The thing is, even with the newest phones, proper lighting will always be an issue. It’s the key to good photos. And that tiny flash on most phones? It just won’t cut it, not to mention it’ll drain your already scarce battery life even more.

With the FirePak, SureFire’s got you covered—to the tune of 1,500 lumens. It’s the smartphone accessory you need to get the most out of your camera. Using two high-performance LEDs paired with specially designed reflectors, those 1,500 lumens completely cover a 16:9 frame up to 50 feet for up to 1.5 hours, ensuring that you capture is well-lit. That means no more dim, grainy photos from last night’s party or unwatchable videos from that weekend camping trip.

The best part: unlike your phone’s built-in light, the FirePak doubles as a portable battery. It packs enough capacity to charge most smartphones up to 1.5 times, letting you finish recording that crucial footage. You can either attach the FirePak to your iPhone 6/6S and Galaxy S5 using a special SureFire case, or use it as a standalone light to work with your other cameras and mobile devices. Its four output levels can also be controlled manually or remotely via a free Bluetooth app.

This last feature also opens up the possibilities with the FirePak; after all, 1,500 lumens is a lot of power. Being able to remotely control a high-performance, floody beam means the light becomes useful for general everyday tasks, like navigating around the house in the dark or going for evening walks. No more dimly-lit campsites ever. The FirePak’s power and charging function also lets you save some pocket space, since you wouldn’t need to carry a separate flashlight or battery pack, crucial if you’re already carrying a lot of gear.

Even the best low-light mobile cameras are no match for the firepower of the FirePak. Pick one up at the link below and never miss out on capturing your best moments, even in the worst lighting you find yourself in.


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