SureFire Fury Intellibeam Dual Fuel

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While many modern EDC lights offer impressive output, not all of them shine when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. On the other hand, some high-output flashlights offer too little control, leaving you with way more light than you need for some tasks. Unlike other lights, the SureFire IntelliBeam Fury is built differently, with its proprietary namesake technology that’s able to assess the situation and automatically provide the right amount of light with no fuss.

The SureFire Fury IntelliBeam packs an impressive 1,500-lumen max output when combined with an 18650 battery. That battery is USB rechargeable, but if you prefer CR123A cells, you can opt to use those instead.

Its namesake IntelliBeam technology sets this light apart, able to sense your surroundings and automatically adjust its output from its max down to a low 15-lumen brightness. It can do all this without needing confusing button press sequences or fiddling with knobs and dials, letting you simply use the light and get to the task at hand. And for the times when you definitely need maximum output, you can override the automatic setting by hitting the rear switch twice.

The hallmark bombproof construction of this SureFire light also makes it special, as it sports a virtually indestructible LED module and a lightweight 6.3 oz aerospace grade aluminum body that can take some serious abuse.

With the SureFire IntelliBeam Fury in hand, you’ll have a powerful light that just works with little to no fuss, wherever you go. Check the link below to find out more about this powerful everyday carry light and buy one for yourself today.

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