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SureFire Titan Plus

The original SureFire Titan impressed us with its uncomplicated, solid performance and a fit and finish that embodied the brand. True to its name, the new Plus version improves on the original Titan’s every feature. The light stays portable at 3.375 inches long and weighing 2 ounces, but now comes in a striking silver colorway made from nickel-plated brass. Its modes have bumped up from two levels to three, starting at 15 lumens for 7 hours on low and an unprecedented 300 lumens on high for 1 hour with a NiMH battery. The SureFire Titan Plus also includes multiple options to fit into any carry, including a stainless steel split ring, removable pocket clip, and a quick-detach tailcap that lets you deploy the light with a simple pull. Check out SureFire's portable powerhouse at the link below.


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J.S. Leonard ·
Great option for a KC light. Twists are where it's at as tailcap/push buttons are a poi t of failure and or replacement. SF made the right decision. Twists can and are easily operated with one hand as any on this site can attest .
DB Cooper ·
Why can't Surefire put a simple push button tail cap that turns it on and off? These tiny flashlights that require two hands to twist the head to activate are worthless. Fenix PD22 is a far better choice if you're looking for something powerful and small.
Nathaniel P ·
Small twisty lights don't necessarily require two hands to operate. I use my Preon P1 one handed all the time even with twisty activation. It takes a little getting used to, but it does work.
DB Cooper ·
I know it can be done, but why bother? A simple click tailcap solves the need to get used to it. SureFire has them available but only at additional $$. tail caps are a point of failure? I've been using tail cap on/off switches for more than a decade and never had one fail one me, and I carry a small flashlight everyday. Twist activation makes no sense to me.
S.G. Skinner ·
I can see the up sides for each, but a push button tail cap is a liability when the light is crammed in with a bunch of other stuff -- which is how my twister is now. I'll trade away the convenience of a push type for the peace of mind the battery won't be drained when I need it. That might change for me in a different carry configuration though.