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The best flashlight is the one you have on you. And when you’re up against different lighting conditions, it isn’t feasible to have a specified light in your kit for every scenario. Whether you’re working on something around the house, camping in the great outdoors, or making your night time commute, having a versatile flashlight is key. The Tactica F.100 flashlight was designed with this adaptability in mind, equipped to handle most everyday tasks and travel duty alike thanks to its magnetic carry system and modern design. It can also top up your phone doubling as a power bank, making it an even more useful contender for a spot in your daily kit.

To start, the F.100 boasts a maximum output of 1,000 lumens, which is more than enough to get you through most everyday tasks and then some. This is achieved thanks to the combination of a CREE XP-L V6 LED with a 2600mAh 18650 battery that you can recharge via USB-C. By leveraging USB-C Power Delivery, the F.100 can reach a 50% charge in 30 minutes so you won’t be left in the dark for long. As an added modern feature, the light can also be used to charge your other devices as a power bank.

Cycling through modes on the F.100 is as simple as pushing its rear tail switch. Its general modes range from a 50-lumen Low, a 250-lumen Medium, a 500-lumen High, and its 1000-lumen Max output. For special modes, you get a 1-lumen Moonlight mode as well as Strobe. And because the tail cap is completely flat, you can tailstand the light for upright candle mode or bouncing light off the ceiling when the power’s out.

One of its flagship features is its magnetic lanyard and mounting system. The included lanyard features a magnetic tip that you can attach to the F.100’s rear so you can conveniently carry it in your hand, backpack, or belt loop. The lanyard system was designed to be versatile to fit most hand sizes and also allow you to change its orientation when attached. The mounting system consists of a small magnetic clip that you slip onto the F.100’s body to attach to any magnetic surface. This is particularly useful when you need both of your hands to be free during repair jobs or looking for lost items. The mounting system is also compatible with Tactica’s bicycle clip: mount the clip onto your handlebars, slip the flashlight into its mount, join them together, and voilà, you have a bike light.

The F.100 features an aluminum body with a type-III hard anodization, making it resistant against chips and scratches. The lens is also made out of scratch-resistant mineral glass, and the entire flashlight is rated IXP6 for water and impact resistance. This means withstanding anything from a splash of rain to even a short submersion, as well as surviving a 2-meter fall, helped in part by an anti-roll design.

Tactica has already blasted through almost 20 times their goal for the F.100, and there’s still a few days left to pledge for one of your own in your choice of black, silver, or orange. Check out the project at the link below, where Tactica aims to deliver the light in February 2022.

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