Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit

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When a multi-tool bills itself as small and light, there’s a risk it means it lacks features and ergonomics in favor of being compact. Tons of features can make a tool big and bulky—especially so with screwdrivers. Even then, EDC tools tend to only cover the two most common types of screws: flathead and Phillips. If you wish you could conveniently carry a full screwdriver set that’s easy to use, the upcoming Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit might be for you. It manages to fit a plethora of bits into a thoughtfully designed package for everyday carry in both form and function, all while easily fitting within the palm of your hand.

The Tactica M250 is a portable all-in-one screwdriver solution that leverages its shape to minimize its footprint while providing you the best experience when it comes to actually using the tool. It starts with its engineered composite body: just 2.95“ long but with enough space to fit an impressive 12 screwdriver bits in the frame. Aside from six variations of the standard flathead and Phillips drivers, the M250 also comes with three hex bits and three Torx bits as well, making it great for opening up your electronics and gear and performing maintenance when needed.

The design of the M250 allows for easy access of those bits, as they pop right out of the frame when you need them. At the tip of the tool, there’s a hole for the bits reinforced by stainless steel and enhanced with magnets so the screwdriver bits don’t fall out when you’re working. For bigger tasks in perhaps more cramped situations, the M250 comes with a bit extender as well. And when you’re done using the tool, you can slip it into its dedicated holster, which allows for easy clip on carry. It even sticks to your fridge at home with magnets when you’re not on the go.

The M250’s mix of metal and composite material in its design truly makes it stand out from the pack. Typically, tools like the M250 are made entirely of titanium to save on weight, but the engineered composite in the Tactica M250 is actually 40% lighter than titanium. Indeed, at just 41 grams fully unloaded, you’re barely notice the tool in your pockets. The composite material also helps prevent it from scratching your expensive phone in your pockets too, something titanium is more ought to do if you’re unlucky.

With its small footprint and sheet number of applications, the Tactica M250 represents a one-stop-shop solution for tackling any screwdriver task you might face, no matter where you are. And because it’s TSA-compliant, you really can take it anywhere. If this sounds like the tool for you, make a pledge today at Tactica’s Kickstarter page. Tactica has a years-long history of delivering innovative tools via Kickstarter, and their M250 is worth your attention. Check it out and secure one for yourself today at the link below.

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