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My Everyday Carry

MOJO BAZAAR Chambray Handkerchief

, REFRACTORY Carbon Fiber Ring, kpurrp bracelet
Summit Creek Dry Goods Leather Keychain 01: 4sevens MiNi 123, Victorinox Manager, LaCie iamaKey
Burger pouch: misc. charging cables
Sandwich pouch: Moleskine Volant Mini, Gatsby Oil Clear Sheets, Kleenex, extra cash
Maruman Mnemosyne A5 Notepad: Pilot Birdy Mini SS, Stainless Steel Sharpie, Uni Signo 207, Capacitive Stylus

Superior Titanium Moneyclip
iPhone 5S

Custom woodgrain vinyl wrapped Limeade Blast L156X external battery
Vintage leather coin pouch
EagleTac D-25C Clicky Ti NW
Spyderco Chaparral Ti
Corter Leather Cardholder (extra cards), Victorinox Climber
Custom woodgrain vinyl wrapped Nintendo 3DS XL
Corter Leather Bottlehook: 4sevens MiNi 123 Ti NW, Car Keys
Rayban RB2140
"TNF" Gearslinger Backpack
Seiko SNN215 on ZULU Strap

Hi everyone, it’s Bernard. I wanted to showcase how my carry has settled by the end of 2013. In my pants pockets I generally just carry my keys, phone, moneyclip, oil sheets, knife, flashlight, and handkerchief. The rest of it is organized in pouches, then fit into pockets in my small EDC backpack. I think my most useful addition this year is my USB external charger — it’s much more reliable to have one than trying to track down and get tied to an outlet to charge my phone. I go through my phone’s battery quickly, especially while using it for navigation and streaming music. If you tend to use a lot of portable electronics, consider grabbing one, as most can charge up to two devices at once. Thanks for looking!

My Everyday Carry

4sevens Quark MiNi 123
Editor’s Note: This is my current keychain flashlight. I’ll post my video review of it shortly!

Foursevens ML-X

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Brightness Levels: Low 1.3 lumens, 100 hrs/Medium: 54 lumens, 6.5 hrs/High: 252, 1 Hr.
2nd Generation! 20% Brighter than (210 Lumen) Gen1 = 252 Lumens!
Modes: Strobe,...