10 Graduation Gift Ideas for Him 2019

While many members in our community are professionals looking for the right tools for the job, a good portion of EDCers are students. With graduation season upon us, it's a time of both endings and new beginnings. With diploma in hand, the new grad in your life is (hopefully) finally done with school and (also hopefully) ready to take on the world. But that transition from school to the next chapter in their life isn't always easy. We know how a well-curated everyday carry can make our daily lives a little bit easier, so giving the gift of EDC is a great way to prepare a new grad for what's to come. Whether you're graduating yourself and could use some new gear for the workplace or you're after a thoughtful, practical gift this graduation season, we've got you covered with this gift guide.

10 EDC Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation season is upon us, and the rush is on to find meaningful gifts for the the lucky grad in your life. Graduation is a time of transition and a lot of stress despite the joyous occasion. That's why giving a new grad some thoughtful and well-designed EDC gear is always a good bet. Every time your gift saves their bacon or makes their life easier, they'll remember you gave it to them. And even if they already EDC, some upgrades and additions are always welcome. It's a genuine gift from the heart, but there's a lot of options out there and the choice can get a bit overwhelming. Whether you're looking for gift ideas or are a new grad yourself looking up to update your EDC, you'll find some great gear in this guide.

8 Graduation Gift Ideas for Practical Guys

School's out! (Finally…) And it's graduation season. Graduating—and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it—is awesome. Navigating the next chapter of adulthood? Not so much… But a set of fresh gear always helps.

So for the new graduates in your life, get 'em a gift that they'll enjoy right now, and every day thereafter. One that says "Hey, you did it! Here's something for the next milestone." Something that makes adulting even a tiny bit easier.

Whether they go on to make you proud as an urban professional, an artist, an entrepreneur, an athlete, an adventurer, or everything in between, these graduation gifts would be awesome additions to their EDC.