Chord Tool by The Tin Mill

Six tools from a solid block of stainless steel to suit all your everyday situations. What more could you ask for from a keychain multi-tool? The Tin Mill's Chord's unique take on the keychain tool lets you flip it around when you don't need its driver functions, keeping them from poking at your pockets. When you need to pry or turn some screws, simply slide the tool around to bring the tools to bear. The Chord also comes with a bottle opener and a 5/16” hex slot on the other end, making best use of every inch of the tool despite weighing less than an ounce. You can pick up the Chord in one of two finishes at the link below.

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Key Safe

Many keychain capsules tend to be poorly mass produced and suffer from bad machining and shoddy materials. The Tin Mill’s new Key Safe, on the other hand, is a well-crafted keychain capsule that aims to be your go-to for safe, portable storage. To protect your valuable cargo—like medication, micro SD cards, and emergency cash—the Key Safe offers water-resistant construction with its tightly machined threads and an integrated O-ring. The stainless steel capsule is also crushproof, so you can confidently carry it even in rough conditions. Lastly, the Key Safe features machined helical grooves (as seen on The Tin Mill’s popular pen design) to give you better grip when opening and closing the capsule, as well as a bit of style to your keychain. You can pick up this quality keychain capsule that can take a lick and look good doing it on The Tin Mill’s website.


The Tin Mill Link Carabiners

Carabiners can be a surprisingly useful addition to your daily carry (especially if you tend to lose your keys), but they're often cheaply made, which can make them unattractive and prone to jamming or breaking. The Tin Mill seeks to solve these problems with their stylish line of Link carabiners. While most carabiners are likely to be made from bent aluminum wire, the Link is made entirely from stainless steel and features a classic bead-blasted finish. The Link also comes in four sizes, from just over an inch and a half long (the Mini) to just under three and a half inches long (the Giant), which is sure to please both minimalists and those who want to carry more. With several successful products under their belt, The Tin Mill is poised to produce a good looking and well designed product that would make an excellent addition to your EDC. Back the project on Kickstarter before it ends and you'll receive free shipping on your reward.

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Giveaway: Minimalist EDC Essentials

Update: And the winner is… Jonathan S! Congratulations on winning this prize. Thanks to all who participated. Check back next week for a new giveaway.

Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win.

This week, we're giving away a minimal set of essentials that still manages to cover all your bases. You can win a multitool and utility blade for your keychain, a customized lighter, an advanced focusable flashlight, and a slim wallet for the rest of your daily necessities.

The Tin Mill Tipe

Even if you’ve kept up with all the machined pens on the market, chances are you haven’t seen anything like the Tipe. At first glance, it looks pretty typical of a quality EDC pen. It’s got a solid titanium construction, Pilot G2 refill compatibility (and Fisher Space Pen refills too, with some modding), and a pocket clip. But actually using the Tipe is a different story. It deploys with what The Tin Mill calls “helical bolt-action,” blurring the lines between a pen cap, double helix, pocket clip, twisty, and bolt-action mechanism. This complex engineering improves the pen's durability and functionality (while possibly bordering on mad-scientist levels of innovation, too). If you’re after a sleek, striking, and novel pen, the Tipe is worth a look. Hit up their Kickstarter page to see how it works and secure one in black or natural titanium for your EDC.

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