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Nothing takes your EDC to the next level like exceptional materials and unique, thoughtful construction. This is exactly what Tekto Gear had in mind when designing their new Amber and Juliett knives. Out-the-front (OTF) and gent’s knives often come with specific styles that give them their signature design, but Tekto bucks the trend with fresh takes on the popular categories. Whether you opt for the convenience of the OTF automatic Amber or the premium traditional slim Juliett, both are solid choices for your EDC.

When you think of an out-the-front (OTF) automatic knife for everyday carry, you likely have something wicked and tactical-looking in mind–something big that you probably can’t get away with carrying in polite company. And that’s not just because of legal considerations: with the aggressive styling that most OTFs sport, it can be hard to not to draw unwanted attention. And because most OTF knife manufacturers stick to the extremely tactical design language, the entire knife category tends to be written off as a niche part of EDC.

That’s unfortunate, because the lightning-quick ergonomics of an OTF automatic knife make them an interesting choice for everyday carry in general. Seeking to turn the stereotypes on their head, Tekto Gear designed their new Amber automatic knife with a different aesthetic in mind: with classy redwood handle scales and an attractive chrome tool steel blade that makes this knife well-suited for a more traditional gentleman’s carry. But unlike a traditional gent’s knife, this one features a 3.75″ double-edged blade that deploys at a moment’s notice via the side switch. There’s also a carbide glass breaker at the pommel of the blade that can make quick work of glass in an emergency situation.

If you’re looking for a classy aesthetic but without the restrictions that opting to carry an OTF automatic blade can bring, check out Tekto Gear’s Juliett instead. The Juliett is Tekto Gear’s first foray into the realm of super-slim gentleman’s knives, and it’s made out of premium M390 super steel and treated rosewood. Its 3.46″ tanto blade shape makes it great for utility and piercing tasks, and with a Rockwell hardness (HRC) of 60-61, the slender blade on the Juliett is more than capable for everyday tasks. It’s able to get surgical sharp and retain that edge throughout repeated use. And with its flipper opening, you can use it with one hand, with a liner lock keeping everything in place during use. There is no clip on the blade to break up the design on the knife, but it comes with a gorgeous leather sheath that holds the knife when it’s not in use.

Tekto Gear’s line of premium knives make for an aesthetic gents carry that’s not just for show. And for a limited time, you can save 20% off these knives on Tekto Gear’s website right now by using code EDC20 at the link below.

Check Out the Amber

Check Out the Juliett

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