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These days, having a mask as part of your everyday carry isn’t just a smart move: it’s downright required by many local, state, and federal authorities for daily tasks. And some private businesses won’t even let you in the door for the most part if you don’t have one on you when you try to come in. A lot of people went into this pandemic without giving much thought to how to best integrate a face covering in their daily lives. That’s why you see plenty of makeshift bandana coverings and uncomfortable tie-on masks out in the wild. That just won’t fly for the EDCer who prides themselves on the quality of the gear they carry everyday. Why should your mask be any different? Tekto Gear seeks to provide an EDC-worthy option with their new Takta Mask. It has a striking, street-ready design that sets itself apart from the all-too-common ad-hoc facial coverings you’ll come across. With its five-layer filter, smart valve system, and comfortable face-molding design, it’s the perfect mask to wear as you go about your business in these unprecedented times.

Now there’s a lot of mask designs popping up out there as COVID-19 cases keep piling up in the United States, but few fit as well as the Tekto Gear Takta mask. Its adjustable Velcro straps let you personalize the fit around your head much better than traditional ear loops or knot tie systems can for long-term daily use. The hook-and-loop system also allows for quick and easy donning and doffing of the mask when you do have to take it off, like when you are eating and drinking. And unlike the makeshift handkerchief bandanas and buffs you might see on other people’s faces during the coronavirus era, the Tekto Gear Takta features an adjustable rubber nose clip that lets it conform nicely to the shape of your face without too much fuss. All of these features mean that the Takta is a mask you’ll actually want to wear everyday because it’s comfortable.

The purpose of a face covering during this public health emergency is to help prevent asymptomatic carriers of this deadly respiratory viral disease from spreading it unknowingly to friends, family, and complete strangers (especially if they are at higher risk due to age and other preexisting conditions). An uncovered sneeze or cough can spread particles containing the virus a lot farther than you might think, and having a mask like the Tekto Takta helps you do your part to prevent the spread of the virus. But the Takta takes things a step up, with a five-layer system that employs PM10 electrocharged material to help filter particles as you breathe in and out. And unlike a lot of other masks out there, the Tekto Gear features two exhalation valves that make this much more comfortable when you’re doing more strenuous tasks. It’ll also help prevent your glasses from fogging up if you wear those as well. When you’re done with the mask, it’s completely machine washable so maintaining it and getting it ready for the next day’s use is no fuss at all.

Like the rest of your EDC gear, the best mask is the one you have on you. So it’s worth picking one up that’s comfortable and convenient enough to actually use, especially since you more likely than not need to have your mask with you when you leave the house. The Tekto is designed for everyday carry from the outset, unlike an old hanky tied around your face. If you’re interested on getting your hands on this comfortable EDC mask, click the link below and make sure to use code EDC10 to save 10% off on a Tekto Gear Takta Mask today, for a limited time only.

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