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You might know Coast more for their high quality lights, but they actually started as a cutlery company on the Oregon coast, hence the name. Right now they’re releasing four new knife designs as a part of their 1919 Reserve Limited Edition line. In this article we’ll be going over four designs by Doug Hutchens, Coast’s resident knife designer, highlighting their main features and possible use scenarios. Make sure to make your way to the bottom of the article to see how you can save 20% off any of these knives.


Starting off, we have a super strong knife that designed to do any cutting task across the board at an affordable price. It leverages one of the most versatile blade shapes out there and gives it even more flexibility, with a leaf shaped drop-point blade. It measures a larger 3.5“, giving you enough room to perform heavy duty tasks while retaining its capabilities for delicate work. The blade is made out of high-carbon 9Cr18 steel coated with black titanium nitride, giving it corrosion and wear resistance. Its handles come with a custom-machined solid steel and G10 composite, ergonomically shaped for a more comfortable grip. Finally the blade deploys via a thumb stud, held in place with Coast’s proprietary Double Lock system and locking frame which gives you an extra-secure lockup during use. This do-it-all knife is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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Inspired by Japanese smithing, the RX357 is a tactical-style knife with the looks and performance to be a cut above the rest. Like the FDX356, the RX357 features a 3.5“ blade made out of 9Cr18 steel with a black titanium nitride coating for corrosion resistance. However, the RX357 dives into its tactical styling by using a tanto shape with bottom serrations. This way you can cut, slice, pierce, and even saw if the situation calls for it, keeping in mind that flexibility is one of the most important things out in the field. It’s handles are made out of injection-molded nylon, featuring a grippy texture reminiscent of an arid soil. These handles house an assisted-opening mechanism, giving you lightning-quick deployment whenever you use its thumb studs. To prevent accidental deployment, the RX357 uses a Max Lock safety whether it’s open or closed, giving you an extra layer of security on top of its solid Liner Lock. Finally, a three-position clip will give you the versatility you need for everyday carry.

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This fixed blade knife will have your back whether you’re in the woods or at work. It starts with a large 4“ blade made out of high-carbon 9Cr13Mov steel. This blade features a drop-point shape for versatility as well as a full-tang construction for durability. Like its fellow models, the F401’s blade is coated with titanium nitride to add an extra layer of protection against the elements. The handles combine the layered blade and brown G-10, making them virtually indestructible. These handles feature a ball-milled dimple texture to give you a secure grip, even when things get wet or muddy. And if they do, this same texture makes for an easy cleaning, so you can still admire the beautiful orange and brown design. Once you’re done with work, you can slip this 6.4 oz blade into its included sheath, keeping you (and the blade) safe and ready for another day.

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This knife is touted as their ultimate option for everyday carry. This is thanks to its affordability, its size and weight and its all-around design. It comes with a 3.5“ blade full-bevel blade with a slimmer drop-point shape to retain utility while reducing bulk. This blade is made from 7Cr17 steel, with an added anti-corrosion black oxide coating. Its handles come in G-10 Peel-Ply composite, tougher than regular G-10 and something you’ll need for everyday bumps and scrapes. To give it even more durability, the design also includes dual stainless-steel liners. As far as deployment goes, you can make use of its reversible thumb-studs to open it. Once you do, it’s locked into place with a reliable liner-lock. It also includes a three-position pocket clip, allowing you to choose the best way to carry your knife. If you want an affordable EDC knife that’s focused on function without any extra bells and whistles, the DX342 is a solid choice.

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As an added bonus, Coast is offering Everyday Carry readers an exclusive 20% discount on any of the knives in this post. If any of these designs seem like something you’d like, you can pick them up at the link above and be sure to use code EDC20 at checkout to receive 20% off

Just remember that since this is a Limited Edition run, there’s a reduced amount of knives and they will only be available for one time. All knives in the collection come with a lifetime warranty.

This is a sponsored post presented by Coast.

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