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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

Pocket knives are one of the most popular everyday carry items. You’ll find them in the pockets of people who don’t even know what everyday carry is. But one of the best parts of everyday carry is the opportunity to carry something a bit different, something that marks your gear as uniquely “you.” One way to make such a statement is with an innovative, distinctly designed knife like the Böker Plus S-Rail.

When you look at the Böker Plus S-Rail, you’ll see it’s like no other knife on the market. This compact knife is a Darriel Caston design and features a sliding rail lock opening. You open the knife with the thumb stud and push the blade forward along its namesake rail built into the very slim G-10 handle.

The closest thing to it is an out-the-front automatic, but this is a much more everyday carry-friendly pocket knife because it is a manually activated opening with no springs that can get you in trouble in some areas. The blade is a utility-oriented, thick, chunky D2 steel. Despite its beefy profile, the S-Rail weighs only 0.88 oz, making it one of the lightest pocket knives you can carry today.

What we like: With its unique opening and locking mechanism, which eliminates the need for a heavy frame and handle scale, the Böker Plus S-Rail is exceptionally lightweight and everyday carry-friendly.

What to watch out for: Because of the exposed nature of the blade in the closed position, the S-Rail omits having a well-defined point. If you use a knife to pierce through material more than you chop or slice, you may encounter difficulty using the knife.

Final verdict: The Böker Plus S-Rail, designed by Darriel Caston, is one of the most exciting and innovative everyday carry pocket knives available right now, and the best part is that it’s relatively affordable to boot.

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