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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

One of the latest trends in EDC knives is the push toward using better materials and design practices to achieve more lightweight knives. Take the new Gerber Assert, a sub-2oz folding knife made of premium materials that lets you easily cut and slice without all the bulk of older knives. Knives like the Gerber Assert break away from the mold of feeling like knives need heft and weight to get big jobs done. Instead, you can opt for a compact and lightweight knife like the Gerber Assert to do everything you need without weighing you down needlessly.

Gerber’s critical design decisions make the Assert a great lightweight folding knife for everyday carry. The first is using an ambidextrous pivot lock, eliminating the need for a big, heavy liner or frame lock to hold the 2.98” S30V stainless steel blade in place. That locking system, along with the adjustable thumbstud and hollowed-out eyehole cut into the blade, make operating the Gerber Assert an easy one-handed operation. Another notch in favor of the Gerber Assert is the use of a textured glass-filled nylon handle that features a honeycomb interior that decreases the overall weight of the knife while also adding structural integrity to the handle at the same time.

With its 1.87oz total weight, the Assert reaches barely-there status in your pockets. And the reversible deep carry pocket clip that comes with the knife ensures that it can remain discreet in your pockets until you need to retrieve it to cut, slice, and pierce your way through your everyday tasks.

What we like: Along with its lightweight and ergonomic design, the Gerber Assert is made here in the United States, with great attention to detail. Because it is made close to home, the Assert is also easily customizable directly from Gerber’s factory. With Gerber Custom, you can choose between the colorways, designs, and materials that suit your own everyday carry needs. And Gerber stands by the craftsmanship of the Gerber Assert and all their other EDC knives with a limited lifetime warranty.

What to watch out for: The Assert‘s premium materials and design language command a premium price, but the added cost and option for personalization is worth it.

Final verdict: The Gerber Assert focuses on being the best knife for any user, and from the adjustable thumb studs to the factory customization options, this USA-made knife is a capable and customizable choice for your everyday carry.

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