The Drop: Kansept Knives Mini Korvid Titanium Knife

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

When I think of a cleaver-style blade, I envision a large chopping knife more suited for the kitchen than a pocket EDC tool. Whether fixed or folding knives, cleaver-style blades tend to be larger than most compact folding knives that are well-suited for everyday carry. But that’s not the case with knives like the Kansept Mini Korvid folding cleaver knife. Made out of premium materials and with a minimalist look, I think the Kansept Mini Korvid is a knife that’s true to its name.

Few cleaver-style blades for everyday carry come with a 1.45” blade. Even fewer feature premium CPM 35VN stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish and a flat ground edge that takes full advantage of the Crucible steel’s cutting power. But the Mini Korvid, designed by Justin Koch, a well-known pocket tool designer, does that and more. The Mini Korvid’s premium compact blade pairs with a bead-blasted titanium handle that features an overall length of just 3.8” and the security of a beefy frame lock to ensure that the cleaver-style blade remains in place. At the same time, you chop and slice with it in your hands.

I think adding a flipper mechanism makes it easy to operate with a single hand for such a small blade. The finger choil behind the blade’s edge also lets you take full advantage of the length of the knife for controlled and precise cutting when needed. That choil and the flat ground nature of the edge makes it easy to maintain using a whetstone when you eventually dull the knife over time.

What we like: The Kansept Mini Korvid is a compact EDC folding cleaver-style knife that you will easily bring around wherever you go. The use of premium materials makes this a knife that can perform essential tasks without the bulk that a larger blade would bring to the table.

What to watch out for: Unfortunately, the compact size of the Mini Korvid does come at the cost of not coming with a pocket clip. If you need one for your EDC and you hate having tools get jumbled around in your pockets as you walk from place to place, there may be better knives for your needs than the Kansept Mini Korvid.

Final verdict: With its uniquely compact design and premium build quality, the Kansept Mini Korvid delivers on its name. You get a solid EDC folding cleaver-style blade that’s a fraction of the size of other similar knives on the market today.

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