The Drop: Maratac Titanium DraftTitan Mechanical Pencil

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

I love the sturdiness and feeling of quality metal mechanical pencils brought to the table, but the added weight sometimes means the pencil stays at my desk. And that’s a shame because mechanical pencils are the best option when doing work like quick math and temporary note-taking. The Titanium DraftTitan Mechanical Pencil by Maratac changes everything with a durable and beautiful spiral titanium body that’s only 1 oz.

The Grade 5 titanium body of the DraftTitan isn’t just for looks: it’s precision-machined and designed to reduce the overall weight of the pencil in your hand. This slim, sleek, and compact everyday carry writing implement measures 6” long, and it has a titanium clip that acts as a rolling stop for the pencil on your desk.

With its 2mm graphite core and smooth rear click activation, the DraftTitan is a joy to use. It comes with 12 spare refills for added convenience. Whether a mechanical pencil is your primary writing tool or backup, this new CountyComm exclusive mechanical pencil is a solid option for your next gear pickup.

What we like: The spiral titanium body lends an elegant, minimal look to the pencil, helping reduce its weight to just a single ounce. And at under 40 dollars as of this writing, it’s also great value for money.

What to watch out for: The Titanium DraftTitan Mechanical Pencil is only available in a serialized run of 1000 pencils at CountyComm. We can’t guarantee they’ll reappear, so if you want one for yourself, you should act sooner rather than later.

Final verdict: You get a quality everyday carry mechanical pencil when you opt for a Titanium DraftTitan Pencil made by Maratac for CountyComm. It’s one of the best options for new metal mechanical pencil pickups today.

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